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Our prices go down, not up.

 Instead of the typical auction style where the highest bidder wins, our prices will never go higher than our already low starting price. You can negotiate your own price for most of the items on our site.

Negotiate in real time - Purchase immediately.

You could watch an auction for days, submit your final bid and think you’ve finally won it. Then at the last minute, the price jumps, the auction closes, and you lose. Who wants to wait just to be disappointed? At Pawnbroker.com, you can negotiate and purchase immediately, so you can work out a deal for the item you want without the stress of waiting forever for the auction to close, or the frustration of losing your item to a higher bid at the last minute, or the hassle of having to join a buying group and then waiting for the group to finally buy what you want.

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This link will take you to our new Industry page exclusively for Pawnbrokers.  There are over 13,000 licensed Pawnbrokers worldwide.  This is their new home for news, blogs, information and education.